Session Teaser: HTML 5 – New Standard, Big Opportunity

by Ryan Deschamps

I already do amazing things on the interwebs with my computer.   Can it get any better?

In his Podcamp presentation, Brad Touesnard says “Yes.” The days where Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome need an Adobe Flash plug-in to be useful are coming to an end.   In its place is a collection of new, standardized features for Internet browsers called HTML5.

According to the session description, Touesnard, an independent web designer/developer with over ten years of experience, will offer “a brief intro to HTML5, what it is, what it isn’t, how you can use it today, and why you should.”   Part of the presentation will explain how using HTML5 properly can improve search engine results for your website.  Flashier aspects of HTML5 will be highlighted as well:  ““Most Internet browsers are testing a first crack at allowing 3D graphics to work within the browser,” says Touesnard “potentially kick-starting a whole new gaming platform.”

As browsers continue to get better by supporting new standards like HTML5, so will the way people experience the World Wide Web.    “The leaps and bounds made in browser technology in the past 5 years have been phenomenal. It’s a very exciting time for front-end web developers.”

Aimed at web developers or the people who employ them, Brad Touesnard’s presentation is scheduled at 10:15 a.m. in Area 2 on the first floor of the Alderney Gate Library.

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