Session Teaser: Some Things Just Need to Be Disturbed

When someone proposes a  title like “Shit Disturber,” it goes without saying that they are a bit of a shit disturber themselves.  Dan Culberson, a web developer since 1996, has mixed it up online more than once.   He aims his presentation at ‘scrappy underdogs’ who need just a little more confidence to bring a more controversy to the world.

‘Deep down I like to think everyone kinda wants to be a shit disturber,’ says Culberson. ‘I want to show people that it does not hurt to be an idealist, to believe in something so passionately that you are willing to make a little noise about it.‘

Culberson’s session is of no small interest to organizations in this century.   People have power to influence policy, business and community using the Internet  – doing it effectively requires a knack for getting people talking in support of some causes and away from others.

Citing obvious shit disturbers like Julian Assange and lesser known projects like Bud Caddell’s Bucket Brigade, Culberson wants to highlight the link between shit disturbing and having an open, transparent and free Internet.  “The Internet’s promise to me has been the ability for everyone to be heard, to network, and to exchange ideas openly. If we lose that ability to stir the shit we lose the internet.”

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