Call out for Podcamp Halifax organizing team volunteers!

This is a call out to anyone who wants to be more involved in making Podcamp Halifax 2014 a wild success! Below we have articulated the expectation of a volunteer, a typical year in the life of podcamp organizing and some roles that are important to fulfil. If you want to be involved, please come to the Hub on June 20th from 7-9pm for a meet up. Questions? Email us at

Expectation of the volunteer team member

To meet on a monthly basis and actively coordinate activity via email. Expect to be very busy for the month leading up to Podcamp and 2 weeks before the event. Volunteers must fulfill some specialist roles articulated below and be responsible for developing and acting on the goals identified during the planning meeting in August.

A typical year in the life of Podcamp organizing

June 20th from 7-9pm at the Hub: Show up to learn more and join the team! Please review the information, email us ( to confirm you will be there and tell us what roles would be relevant to your skill set.

August: Planning and Budget Meeting

September – December: Securing Sponsorship, Invoicing, event logistics, working with the library, reviewing registration and developing launch, speaker and presenter structure and outreach, prizes and swag, design and web updates.

November: Registration Launch (2 day lifecycle!) PEAK TIME!

January: Communications, speaker and presenter outreach and scheduling, registration prep.


February: Thank you to sponsors, feedback survey, website update, email summary to participants, close-out meeting.

April: Recruitment of Podcamp volunteer team and updates for the year forward around changes and shifts, preliminary planning.

The Tasks/Roles of Podcamp Volunteers

These are the roles needed to run and organize Podcamp. People can take on several roles, maybe you are a great blogger but also good with budgeting. If you have any of the skills or interest in the following areas, it would be great to have you on board.

Social Media
Posting and replying via Twitter and Facebook, updating people on what is happening, especially active during run-up to registration, before and during event.

Writer / Blogger
Posting relevant and interesting posts to the Podcamp Halifax website. This person could do a lot more than we’ve done in the past to feature some of the talent we see at Podcamp as well as highlighting some of the interesting and emerging topics that come up.

Attracting media (press releases, interview coordination, calls), checking and responding to podcamp gmail account inquiries and sending out a few newsletters via the MailChimp account to keep people in the loop with what is happening.

Design & Web Updates
Post and edit content using the WordPress CMS, fiddle the website to make it rock.

Logistics & Project Management
Registration, work closely with the library to ensure they have all the information well in advance for printing the name tags etc. Liaising with the library & Alderney Landing, recruiting volunteers for the day of event, ex. photographer, registration desk volunteers, people to help with library space coordination.

Presenter Outreach & Support
For the Podcamp sessions, advertising and actively seeking presenters, putting presenters into agenda matrix and responding to their requests for information. Coordinating presentation needs and gear.

Coordinate sponsor invitations, asks, track donations and respond to inquiries. Determine how recognition and interaction will happen before, during and after the event.

Budget & Financial Management
Updating budget, keeping track of sponsor invoices, account receivables and payables for event expenses.

If you are interested, you have to come to the team meeting on June 20th from 7-9pm at the Hub, 1673 Barrington Street, 2nd Floor. Show up to learn more and join the team! Please review the information, email us ( to confirm you will be there and tell us what roles would be relevant to your skill set.


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