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Thank you to Carman Pirie and Jeff White of Kula Partners for sharing some of their thoughts on what to do and also what you might want to avoid…


Podcamp Presenter 101

New? Learn more about Podcamp Halifax. See the sessions from 2014 for some inspiration and to get an idea of what people talk about — there’s something for everyone. In true unconference style we don’t curate the talks, anything goes as long as it’s not wildly inappropriate, and I don’t think we’ve ever had that happen in six years.

We do, however, create the schedule. Once we feel like we’ve receive most submissions (usually in the new year) we slot them into rooms and times and notify all of you. We do our best to organize it so that related topics overlap as little as possible (e.g. try to make sessions on Inbound Marketing not happen at the same time).

The unconference format of Podcamp encourages audience participation, so involve them if you can! We’ve seen great sessions ranging from group brainstorms for crowdfunding to live website reviews to straight-up presentations on social media trends, and everything in between.

Equipment provided: 

  • Projector (VGA connection)
  • Projector screen

What to bring:

  • Laptop, iPad or whatever you’re presenting from (+power cord)
  • Display adapter if required (especially Mac users)
  • Watch or timer to keep on schedule
  • Accessories (remote, speakers, recording device)

Sessions time slots are 40 minutes in total – make sure to give yourself time to set up and wrap up, save time for questions and discussion, and time for people to get to next sessions.

The “rule of two feet” means that attendees might hop between sessions, so don’t be alarmed if people leave, or appear half way through.

Have all your materials stored on your computer if possible, rather than depending on streaming from the Internet. While we anticipate the new library has the latest WiFi technology, you just never know when an Internet connection will go down, especially with so many people online at once.

Consider capturing your talk somehow, maybe record audio and sync it with your slides, or capture yourself on video.

If you have any questions give us an e-shout.

Mike Tanner is a full time parent and founder of OneRedCat Media, a digital agency in Halifax focused on building the web and creating interesting content across all platforms. He's also working on his first work of non-fiction, a guide to doing your best work called Really Little Wins.

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