Make a Slidecast to Share Your Session

Podcamp is full of unique content, and it would be great to be able to capture and share. But just a slide deck on its own doesn’t really capture the talk itself, or any audience participation. One thing we’ve seen in the wild that seems to be in the realm of the possible is slidecasting. Essentially, you upload your slides to Slideshare, upload an audio track, and add markers where the slides should advance.

This would require you to record the audio of your session, with your smartphone or laptop, vinyl, wax, or something.

None of us on the team have experience doing this, but we wanted to share the idea and some resources that look useful. We’re not sure how it’d turn out but hey, if you’re in for trying, give it a go!


If any Podcampers have experience, tips, tricks, or alternate methods to capture a session please share them in the comments below.

Mike Tanner is a full time parent and founder of OneRedCat Media, a digital agency in Halifax focused on building the web and creating interesting content across all platforms. He's also working on his first work of non-fiction, a guide to doing your best work called Really Little Wins.

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