• Harnessing the Hustle & Avoiding Burnout

    10:25 am | 2016

    Presented by Cornerstone Naturopathic

    Ready to take your work to the next level? Achieve your maximum hustle without the burnout side-effects. Stay at peak performance so you don’t lose your energy, your drive and your focus, ensuring that what you’re hustling for becomes your reality. Because what we really want is for you to be at your optimal, not just getting through. We’ll walk you through exactly how you can make it happen. 

  • The State of SEO in a Google World

    2:50 pm | 2017

    Presented by Anisa Awad

    The latest developments that will change how you do SEO from featured snippets, mobile-first indexation to local search.

  • Grow Your Online Following

    9:30 am | SA

    Presented by Kayla Short

    The digital world has quickly become THE place to be. Let’s grow your audience, and attract your online tribe.

  • Herding Robots With The Incredible Hulk

    1:55 pm | 2016

    Presented by Adam Shore

    Deliver consistent, tested and verified projects, allowing your team focus on business, not recovery. Herd some robots.

  • Social Media Hacks For Event Promotion

    11:20 am | SA

    Presented by Maria McGowan

    Promote your special event by learning how to use social media hacks that will engage staff, volunteers, & registrants.

  • Changing the Narrative

    3:45 pm | SA

    Presented by Changing The Narrative

    A live recording of the Changing the Narrative Podcast.

  • Digital Photography

    11:20 am | 2017

    Presented by John Chiasson

    Tips on Digital Photography. How to take better pictures, post production and 360 photography.