podcamp halifax 2017

  • Privacy Isn’t Dead

    1:30 pm | Room 2021 | Presented by Stephen Smith

    Learn how to take back control over your digital life, using modern tools and techniques. Privacy isn’t about becoming a hermit, it’s about you being the sole judge of who knows what about you.

  • Why You Should Stop Ignoring Snapchat

    9:30 am | Room 2016 | Presented by Cailin O'Neil

    Learn how to use Snapchat to promote yourself and/or brand. Figure out how to use the most engaged social media tool out there to your advantage.

  • Going mobile with video

    2:25 pm | Room 2017 | Presented by Susan Newhook

    Use your smartphone like the mobile journalism pros.

  • Growing Fresh Content

    9:30 am | Room 1198 | Presented by Maria McGowan

    Struggling finding content to post? No worries! Learn how to churn out posts with abandon and have a game plan.

  • YouTube like a Pro

    9:30 am | Scotiabank Auditorium | Presented by Annie Pichette

    Learn the step-by-step process on how to optimize your YouTube videos so they get ranked and viewed!

  • BETA late than never!

    3:20 pm | Room 1198 | Presented by Kayte McLaughlin

    What does it take to apply a web strategy to a REALLY big website with over 1.9 million pages?

  • 4 Weird Things About Time

    11:15 am | Room 2021 | Presented by Andrew Burke

    Find out how everybody has been getting “what day is it?” wrong since the dawn of time – and what it means for you.

  • Mobile Game Streaming 101

    10:25 am | Room 2017 | Presented by Jessica Penney

    Mobile game streaming 101! YouTube Gaming, Twitch, and MobCrush. Sharing your high score has never been so easy.

  • Boss Without The B*tch

    10:25 am | Room 2021 | Presented by Ashley MacInnis

    There’s a fine line between standing up for yourself and standing on toes.

  • Responsible Scheduling

    3:20 pm | Room 2016 | Presented by Anita Kirkbride

    Responsible Scheduling: How to use social media tools to save yourself time without sacrificing authenticity.

  • Get Ahead of 2017 Trends on Social Media!

    10:25 am | Room 2016 | Presented by Tina Capalbo

    Get Ahead of 2017 Trends on #SocialMedia @PodcampHalifax! Use these insights to boost your brand online in 2017.

  • Blogging For The Hell Of It!

    3:20 pm | Room 2017 | Presented by Renee Downs

    Blogging for the hell of it! Embracing social media; it doesn’t have to be scary. Hashtags are for everyone, even Trump.

  • On the Record, Off Script – A Podcast

    11:15 am | Room 2017 | Presented by Mark Coffin

    In this session, we’ll share what we’ve learned about politics and podcasting since starting the Off Script podcast.

  • Listen. Think. Draw: Graphic Recording

    2:25 pm | Room 1198 | Presented by Ashton Rodenhiser

    Stop by and learn about graphic recording and how simple drawing elements can dramatically increase the engagement of information for deeply for better clarity and understanding.

  • Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017

    2:25 pm | Scotiabank Auditorium | Presented by Laura Hawkins

    Marketing is evolving constantly and it can be daunting to keep up on every emerging trend. This session will help separate signal from noise by identifying which top marketing trends to pay attention to 2017 and beyond, along with actionable tips on how to implement them to get great results. Laura is Director of Inbound […]

  • Technology and Its Impact on This Disabled Life

    11:15 am | Room 1198 | Presented by Andrew Taylor

    I’m a wheelchair user by birth, Haligonian by choice, and a library tech by training. In this session I’ll talk about how technology has impacted my life in ways you probably wouldn’t have imagined.

  • Women in Tech Panel

    11:15 am | Scotiabank Auditorium | Presented by Mike Tanner

    Come hear a selection of powerful and successful women from Halifax’s technology scene discuss their experiences in the field.

  • Apt613 – We Can do More Together – The Power of People and Partnerships

    10:25 am | Room 2016 | Presented by Adria May

    Join this session to learn more about how Ottawa’s Apt613 www.apt613.ca generated online and offline partnerships among writers, photographers, artists, musicians, and businesses. Apt613 is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization. Its main activity is an award-winning blog dedicated to uncovering the best of Ottawa’s arts and culture. The idea was conceived in 2008 between some friends. The blog was […]

  • Do You Care If People Don’t Like You On Social Media?

    3:20 pm | Room 2021 | Presented by Mike Tanner

    There’s a reason people take breaks from social media. It can be an exhausting place to work, live and play. So why do we do it? In this session, I’ll be talking about how I use social media (usually) to improve my mental health and build a sense of community, when I feel it’s totally […]