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Mike Tanner is a full time parent and founder of OneRedCat Media, a digital agency in Halifax focused on building the web and creating interesting content across all platforms. He's also working on his first work of non-fiction, a guide to doing your best work called Really Little Wins.
  1. How To Effectively Disorganize an Unconference

    It has been a very long year. About a year ago I attended my very first meeting as a part of the planning committee for Podcamp Halifax. Previously I had attended and presented but I just sort of assumed that magical faeries assembled everything the night before and made it all just sort of work. […]

  2. Survey Feedback

    Survey Feedback: We Hear You…Thanks! *Since this blog post was written in early February, a debrief meeting with the library was held. The Library does a tremendous amount to support this event and quite literally we could not do it without them. In this blog post you will see references to where the library could […]

  3. Make a Slidecast to Share Your Session

    Podcamp is full of unique content, and it would be great to be able to capture and share. But just a slide deck on its own doesn’t really capture the talk itself, or any audience participation. One thing we’ve seen in the wild that seems to be in the realm of the possible is slidecasting. Essentially, […]

  4. Presenter Mojo – Tips From The Experienced..

    Thank you to Carman Pirie and Jeff White of Kula Partners for sharing some of their thoughts on what to do and also what you might want to avoid…   Podcamp Presenter 101 New? Learn more about Podcamp Halifax. See the sessions from 2014 for some inspiration and to get an idea of what people […]