Blog: Ryan Deschamps

  1. Session Teaser: Some Things Just Need to Be Disturbed

    When someone proposes a  title like “Shit Disturber,” it goes without saying that they are a bit of a shit disturber themselves.  Dan Culberson, a web developer since 1996, has mixed it up online more than once.   He aims his presentation at ‘scrappy underdogs’ who need just a little more confidence to bring a more […]

  2. Podcamp Halifax Website in a Day

    We got feedback last year that we should finally put the effort into cleaning up our usability and building something of a brand with Podcamp Halifax.   So, we asked Nick and Ian from hi there to give us a hand.    The result is what you are seeing now.     Last year I […]

  3. Session Teaser: HTML 5 – New Standard, Big Opportunity

    by Ryan Deschamps I already do amazing things on the interwebs with my computer.   Can it get any better? In his Podcamp presentation, Brad Touesnard says “Yes.” The days where Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome need an Adobe Flash plug-in to be useful are coming to an end.   In its place is a […]