Blog: Presentations

  1. How To Effectively Disorganize an Unconference

    It has been a very long year. About a year ago I attended my very first meeting as a part of the planning committee for Podcamp Halifax. Previously I had attended and presented but I just sort of assumed that magical faeries assembled everything the night before and made it all just sort of work. […]

  2. Session Teaser: Some Things Just Need to Be Disturbed

    When someone proposes a  title like “Shit Disturber,” it goes without saying that they are a bit of a shit disturber themselves.  Dan Culberson, a web developer since 1996, has mixed it up online more than once.   He aims his presentation at ‘scrappy underdogs’ who need just a little more confidence to bring a more […]

  3. Podcamp Halifax Says “Hi There”

    Thanks to hi there, Podcamp Halifax now looks awesome on the internets! As in Novembers past, we are looking for presentations from anyone who has an interest in the internet on any topic they wish.   You just need to let us know who you are and what you want to talk about.   We […]