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  1. Podcamp Halipalooza 2012, Podcamp Eve at The Hub

    Hello Podcamp Attendees! Please join us for a pre-Podcamp gathering at The Hub if you’re able, Saturday evening at 7pm to say hi to your friends and meet new ones. Space is limited so please RSVP on Eventbrite. See you there!

  2. Julien Smith

    We’re super-excited to announce that Julien Smith will be presenting at PodCamp Halifax ths year! Julien is a New York Times bestselling author of Trust Agents (with Chris Brogan) and most recently the Flinch, and it’s free (amazing eh, download the Kindle edition here). He’s been involved in online communities for over 15 years starting […]

  3. Charter sponsors: Podcamp Halifax’s BFF’s

    This year we’ve introduced a new sponsorship level: the charter sponsor, or BFF as we called it on the homepage because it was funny at the time. These spots can’t be bought, as they recognize people and organizations who have helped make Podcamp possible throughout the years, either through monetary or in-kind sponsorship, or both, […]

  4. 2012 Prep

    Just a note to say that we are now starting prep for Podcamp Halifax 2012! More information to come so like our Facebook page , follow us on Twitter and send us who you think would be a great keynote speaker.

  5. Pre-Podcamp Halifax Gathering Tonight!

    There is a pre-podcamp Halifax gathering tonight but you need a ticket to get in as space is limited. It is a first come-first-serve basis. If you registered for Podcamp on the Eventbrite site previously you should have been emailed a invitation. We have heard that some people did not get one (even after resending) […]

  6. coverage

    Thanks to Jeff MacArthur and the CommandN team for giving us some screen time to tell everyone about this year’s Podcamp Halifax.

  7. Session Teaser: HTML 5 – New Standard, Big Opportunity

    by Ryan Deschamps I already do amazing things on the interwebs with my computer.   Can it get any better? In his Podcamp presentation, Brad Touesnard says “Yes.” The days where Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome need an Adobe Flash plug-in to be useful are coming to an end.   In its place is a […]

  8. Podcamp Halifax Says “Hi There”

    Thanks to hi there, Podcamp Halifax now looks awesome on the internets! As in Novembers past, we are looking for presentations from anyone who has an interest in the internet on any topic they wish.   You just need to let us know who you are and what you want to talk about.   We […]