Sessions: Community Building/Non Profit

  • 2018

    Social Media Hacks For Event Promotion

    11:20 am | SA

    Presented by Maria McGowan

    Promote your special event by learning how to use social media hacks that will engage staff, volunteers, & registrants.

  • 2017

    Do You Care If People Don’t Like You On Social Media?

    3:20 pm | 2021

    Presented by Mike Tanner

    There’s a reason people take breaks from social media. It can be an exhausting place to work, live and play. So why do we do it? In this session, I’ll be talking about how I use social media (usually) to improve my mental health and build a sense of community, when I feel it’s totally […]

  • 2017

    Apt613 – We Can do More Together – The Power of People and Partnerships

    10:25 am | 2016

    Presented by Adria May

    Join this session to learn more about how Ottawa’s Apt613 generated online and offline partnerships among writers, photographers, artists, musicians, and businesses. Apt613 is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization. Its main activity is an award-winning blog dedicated to uncovering the best of Ottawa’s arts and culture. The idea was conceived in 2008 between some friends. The blog was […]