Sessions: Design/Digital Art

  • The Power Of Art In Business

    2:45 pm | Room 224

    Presented by Duane Jones

    An inspirational case study on the power of creativity and why the artist mindset is critical to success in business.

  • Next Gen Blender

    1:00 pm | Room 307

    Presented by Michael Lei

    Blender 2.8 is coming! It’s shiny and new! I will explain why you should care about the new Blender.

  • The Role of Design in a SaaS company

    9:15 am | Room 224

    Presented by Kyle Racki

    Join SaaS founder (and designer) Kyle Racki, CEO of Proposify as he talks about the exciting opportunities for designers

  • 2018

    Digital Photography

    11:20 am | 2017

    Presented by John Chiasson

    Tips on Digital Photography. How to take better pictures, post production and 360 photography.

  • 2018

    Die Blender Die (or The Blender The)

    3:45 pm | 1102

    Presented by Michael Lei

    Blender, the free Open Source 3D app refuses to die. We’ll find out why and where it’s going,

  • 2017

    Listen. Think. Draw: Graphic Recording

    2:25 pm | 1198

    Presented by Ashton Rodenhiser

    Stop by and learn about graphic recording and how simple drawing elements can dramatically increase the engagement of information for deeply for better clarity and understanding.