Sessions: Other

  • Harnessing the Hustle & Avoiding Burnout

    10:25 am | Room 2016 | Presented by Cornerstone Naturopathic

    Ready to take your work to the next level? Achieve your maximum hustle without the burnout side-effects. Stay at peak performance so you don’t lose your energy, your drive and your focus, ensuring that what you’re hustling for becomes your reality. Because what we really want is for you to be at your optimal, not just getting through. We’ll walk you through exactly how you can make it happen. 

  • Herding Robots With The Incredible Hulk

    1:55 pm | Room 2016 | Presented by Adam Shore

    Deliver consistent, tested and verified projects, allowing your team focus on business, not recovery. Herd some robots.

  • Privacy for Everyone

    9:30 am | Room 1198 | Presented by Malcolm MacDonald

    Lots of people are on-line these days, but what can you do to protect your on-line experience & keep yourself safe?

  • PSA: Your intentions are irrelevant

    9:30 am | Room 2017 | Presented by Ashley MacInnis

    We all know the highway to hell is paved with good intentions, but we don’t need to wash it with sorry tears.

  • Purpose and Profit

    10:25 am | Scotiabank Auditorium | Presented by Duane Jones

    The challenge of making a passion project a business.

  • A Very Public and Overdue Funeral for jQuery

    2:50 pm | Room 1102 | Presented by Luke DeWitt

    Join Luke as he bids a fond, and somewhat embarrassing, goodbye to an old friend, and introduces some new methods that you can start using today on your sites and apps.

  • How To Start Doing Deep Work In a Shallow Digital World

    11:20 am | Room 1198 | Presented by Mike Tanner

    The speed at which we work and play and live is intense. Every app asks for permission to yell at us randomly at all hours of the day and night. The result?
    We do a lot of things very poorly and few things very well.

  • Women in Tech Panel

    11:15 am | Scotiabank Auditorium | Presented by Mike Tanner

    Come hear a selection of powerful and successful women from Halifax’s technology scene discuss their experiences in the field.