Remember that free “unconference” that we told you all about on the home page? Well, there’s a catch. We need help. Over the years we’ve had some incredible businesses and individuals help out.

Each year, we spend about $5,000 in money and an untold number of hours putting this event together and it’s through the generosity and foresight of people like YOU that this happens. In order to help you figure out how best you can help us, we’ve made it pretty simple.

  • Do Good ($250)
  • Do Great ($750)
  • Do Awesome ($1250)
  • Be A Champion ($2500)

Now if you’re sitting there thinking, “gosh, I wish there was a way I could give $8,000” or “I’ve only got $249”, fret not. These are just the levels we’ve designed to make it easier for people to help us out. We’re open to suggestions and any help is help. That’s how you can help US, so how can We help YOU?

Podcamp Halifax is an interesting mix of politicians, business owners, startups, professionals, students and more. This is a once in a lifetime (ok…once in a year) opportunity to connect with incredible people in such a casual, engaged environment.

In addition to the networking opportunities, you’ll find yourself featured on our website, in our marketing material and we will tell everyone how great you are…and we’ll even mean it, which in our experience always helps.

If you have ANY questions about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to our sponsorship director, Mike Tanner, and he’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.